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The report shares the progress on the For Our Future: South Carolina's Birth through Five Plan.

The 2024 Ready for Kindergarten Guide provides families with useful information and simple tips to prepare children for a successful transition to school.

The Joint Citizens and Legislative Committee on Children annually identifies and studies key issues affecting South Carolina children and makes recommendations to the Governor and General Assembly. The issues covered by the Annual Report arose from testimony at the Committee’s fall public hearings across the state as well as input from constituents, state agencies, and law enforcement, among others.

The annual report for South Carolina's ECAC is included in the South Carolina First Steps Annual Report. South Carolina First Steps is the host and administrator of the ECAC.

First Five SC Toolkit

South Carolina is the first state to offer families access to programs across the state's early childhood system through a single web portal, The First Five SC Toolkit is a free and open resource that system leaders can use to replicate the model, ensuring that all families can access the supports they want and need for their young children.

Co-created with input from our partners, the Flow of Funds chart represents the flow of state and federal dollars in the early childhood system in South Carolina, as well as illustrates the collaborative body that makes up the Early Childhood Advisory Council. 

The report shares the outlook for and progress on the For Our Future: South Carolina's Birth through Five Plan.

KIDS COUNT Data Book is an annual data book that tracks the status of children by analyzing state- and county-level statistical indicators of child well-being using social educational, economic and health data. The 34th edition of the Annie E. Casey Foundation's KIDS COUNT® Data Book describes how the country’s lack of affordable and accessible child care negatively affects children, families and U.S. businesses. 

The SC Joint Citizens and Legislative Committee on Children publishes the supplement to its annual report which has findings and recommendations for action on a variety of issues impacting the well-being of South Carolina’s children.

Telling the story of babies is more important than ever. The data included in the State of Babies Yearbook helps policymakers understand the indications that too many babies face risks that can undermine development and therefore their ability to reach their potential—in other words, what to pay attention to. The data also can help policymakers think strategically about progress—the actions that can be taken to create meaningful and sustainable change for all families with young children.

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