Palmetto Pre-K

Connecting South Carolina's publicly funded preschool programs 

South Carolina offers a variety of public preschool programs across different settings, including public schools, Head Start programs, First Steps 4K classrooms in private centers, and child care subsidies through the SC Department of Social Services. These programs receive funding from various sources, making the funding landscape quite diverse. Recognizing the need for alignment and coordination in this mixed delivery system, the SC Early Childhood Advisory Council introduced Palmetto Pre-K.

Palmetto Pre-K is a statewide initiative that connects families of 3- and 4-year-old children with free educational preschool programs in South Carolina.
The Palmetto Pre-K Portal is a one-stop shop for finding free educational preschool programs in South Carolina. At, families can check their eligibility and search for programs by zip code to see available options at a glance.

Palmetto Pre-K Jamboree
The Palmetto Pre-K Jamboree is South Carolina's leading professional development event for preschool professionals, coordinated by leaders from South Carolina First Steps, the SC Department of Education, the Department of Social Services, and the SC Head Start Collaboration Office. Held twice a year, the conference promotes excellence across the state's early education system. Find information about the upcoming Fall 2024 Palmetto Pre-K Jamboree.

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Palmetto Pre-K Partner Agencies:

Palmetto Pre-K is supported by the Preschool Development Grant Birth through Five Initiative (PDG B-5), from the Office of Child Care, Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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