Council Members

The South Carolina Early Childhood Advisory Council serves the state as required by the Improving Head Start for School Readiness Act of 2007. Representatives of specific state agencies and stakeholder groups are required to be present on the Council. The Council is made up of representatives from state agencies responsible for child care, SC Department of Education, local providers of early education services, Head Start agencies and the state director of the Head Start Collaboration and Children’s Trust of South Carolina. The state director of South Carolina First Steps shall coordinate the activities of the Council. 

Members of the South Carolina Early Childhood Advisory Council

Chair, Governor’s Designee:
David Morley

Vice Chair, Medical Provider: Amy Williams, DNP


  • Representative Terry Alexander, SC House of Representatives
  • Representative Shannon Erickson, SC House of Representatives, Education & Public Works Committee Chair
  • Senator Greg Hembree, SC Senate, Senate Education Committee Chair
  • Senator Gerald Malloy, SC Senate

Agency Directors:

  • Robert Bank, MD, SC Department of Mental Health, Acting State Director
  • Mary Lynne Diggs, SC Head Start Collaboration Office, Director
  • Matthew Ferguson, Superintendent's designee, SC Department of Education, Deputy Superintendent 
  • Constance Holloway, SC Department of Disabilities and Special Needs, Director
  • Robert Kerr, SC Department of Health and Human Services, Director
  • Michael Leach, SC Department of Social Services, Director
  • Edward Simmer, MD, SC Department of Public Health, Interim Director
  • Sue Williams, Children’s Trust of SC, Chief Executive Officer


  • Jacque Curtin, Business Community
  • John Hayes, Child Care Educator
  • David Lisk, First Steps Local Partnership
  • Jesica Mackey, Parent of a Young Child
  • Jack McBride, Business Community
  • Janie Neeley, Parent of a Young Child
  • Dorothy Priester, First Steps Local Partnership
  • Roger Pryor Jr., Child Care Provider
  • Mary Anne Scott, Early Childhood Educator
  • Brenda Williams, MD, Medical Provider
  • Wes Wooten, Child Care Provider 

Interim Executive Director:
Mark Barnes, SC First Steps


Early Childhood Advisory Council Member Agencies

Early Childhood Advisory Council Meetings

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