First Five SC

Transforming the way families access public early childhood services

First Five SC is the first of its kind in the nation: a comprehensive portal that connects South Carolinians to the full spectrum of state- and federally-funded services available to young children. At, families can check their eligibility for more than 44 services spanning 10 state agencies and seamlessly apply for multiple programs using information they've already provided – all from their smartphone or computer.

Developed by the SC Early Childhood Advisory Council and introduced in 2022, First Five SC has connected thousands of families to vital services and support. Discover how you can be involved and help ensure that more children are healthy, safe, nurtured, and ready for school by age five.

Access the portal: If you're seeking services and support for your family, visit – our dedicated platform designed to help parents and caregivers find information, check eligibility, and apply online.

Spread the word: Share the benefits of First Five SC with others! This powerful tool enables you to connect families with programs that put young children on a path to better health, education, and well-being. Access downloadable materials and request resources to effectively spread the word here.

Become a navigation partner: While First Five SC is designed for families to explore independently, we understand that some situations can be complex. If you're part of a statewide early childhood agency specializing in assisting families through information and referrals, consider joining us as a navigation partner.

Become a program partner: Publicly funded community partners play a pivotal role in enhancing our portal's offerings. If you're a community-based organization, nonprofit, contractor, or medical provider, reach out to your public agency funder to explore the possibility of joining our network.

Be a national advocate: First Five SC has set a new standard for early childhood systems nationwide. As part of our commitment to supporting the healthy development and learning of all young children, we've created a roadmap for other state and local childhood systems. Our First Five SC toolkit equips system leaders with resources to create centralized access points for recruitment, eligibility determination, and enrollment in public services. Access the toolkit here or download our brochure for more information.

Together, we're shaping the future of early childhood support. Join us in building a stronger foundation for children and families across South Carolina – and beyond.

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