First Five SC

What is First Five SC?

Coming soon, First Five SC will transform the way families access publicly funded early childhood programs and services in South Carolina. Through a single online portal, families and their advocates can find information about child care, health, early intervention, nutrition, and parenting support programs in their area. The single online application will make it easy to apply for multiple programs in just a few minutes.

What is the purpose?

First Five SC will engage parents and caregivers as active partners in making South Carolina’s early childhood system work for young children and families. By streamlining the search and application process, First Five SC will help families better understand their options and choose the programs and services that best meet their needs. As a project of the South Carolina Early Childhood Advisory Council, a collaborative, interagency body representing the state’s early childhood system, First Five SC works to support its mission of supporting families and helping young children thrive.

Who does it serve?

Parenting young children is multifaceted and families are usually dealing with more than one need at any given time. First Five SC accommodates the real life complexities of families by providing cohesion between publicly funded early childhood programs and services in South Carolina with one singular application for families. By answering a few questions, families and their advocates can locate publicly funded early childhood services that they may qualify for in their area and apply for all applicable services in one application online.


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